Songs Of The Road


    Through 2015, Acoustic Cafe and SongCraft Presents will be taking songwriters on roadtrips in our 2015 Ford C-MAX ENERGI. Along the way, these artists will create a brand new song! You can hear and see the results below…

    So, come along for the ride!


    Song #2: “Texas Night”

    Artist: Jackie Venson

    The road trip: Lake Travis to Bee Cave to Austin, TX


    Although classically trained on piano, Jackie decided to pick up a guitar in college at Berklee College Of Music, and she’s been picking up traction around her hometown of Austin, Texas ever since. We met up with Jackie immediately after this year’s SXSW music festival, and took her on a songwriting road trip from her father’s place in Lake Travis, to a 150 year old one-room schoolhouse in Bee Cave, ending at The Castle House in the Bouldin neighborhood in Austin. Along the way, Jackie and SongCraft Presents’ Ben Arthur created a brand new song and then performed it live.

    You can listen to Jackie and Ben creating the new song in this Acoustic Cafe radio feature:

    See and hear the song “Texas Night,” created on our road trip in the 2015 Ford C-MAX Energi:


    Watch the making of “Texas Night”:


    Song #1: “Not Home Anymore”

    Artist: Lera Lynn

    The road trip: Nashville, TN to Memphis, TN


    We picked up Lera Lynn in Nashville and lit out for Memphis, stopping along the way to write, rehearse and even perform the new song in front of an audience in one of the funkiest places Memphis has to offer. Our last stop was at the legendary Sun Studio, where Lera and her band cut a final version of the song in the exact room where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and so many others created rock and roll!

    You can listen to Lera and Ben creating the new song in this Acoustic Cafe radio feature:

    Watch the song “Not Home Anymore” being performed live, powered by the Ford C-MAX Energi:


    Watch the making of “Not Home Anymore”: