This Week’s Show (2002 REVISITED): Week of 9/25/17

    Segment One: 2002 revisited

    2002 LT

    2002 in-studio moments from Linda & Teddy Thompson, Joan Osborne and Buddy + Julie Miller, plus JT’s “October Road” and Iron & Wine’s debut.

    Segment Two: 2002 revisited

    2002 GH

    Posthumous George Harrison, Nickel Creek ups the game with a cover, Springsteen’s early take on an ’02 classic and in-studio performances from Paul Brady and Brendan Benson.

    Segment Three: 2002 revisited

    2002 alicia

    Beck with a classic British cover, Mountain Goats from one of two ’02 releases plus Alicia Keys with the big Grammy winner.

    Segment Four: 2002 revisited

    2002 BDB

    Badly Drawn Boy’s soundtrack, Steve Earle at his most political and in-studio performances from Caitlan Cary, Warren Haynes and Texas legend Billy Joe Shaver.

    Segment Five: 2002 revisited

    2002 WZ

    The roots of Dixie Chicks’ “Home” album, Patty Griffin and Mike Doughty in our studio and the 2nd in Warren Zevon’s final trilogy.

    Segment Six: 2002 revisited

    2002 NJ

    Norah Jones’ first tour stops by our studio, as does Ellis Paul and Art Garfunkel, and the final album in Johnny Cash’s lifetime!


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